Famous Last Words

She missed her calling.

Although she’s still breathing,

It doesn’t seem real.

She wonders what it would feel like to sing on a stage,

To dance without fear,

To scream without rage.

She is not the woman she imagined she’d grow up to be.

The picture framed in the little girl’s mind.

She screams to herself,

Or maybe she’s just talking.

She cannot tell difference.

She only hopes upon her next attempt someone will hear.

Why won’t her voice come out?

She is being swallowed up by the crowd.

If she knew who she was,

She might find her way out.

Don’t think she could if she tried,

Too much shame inside.

Her ears burn upon the calling of her name.

How much does it cost to be free?

Where does she turn when there’s no one to trust?

Judgement or Betrayal.

She must pick her poison.


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