There is No Shame in The Truth

The strength of a woman

There is no shame in the truth.

No matter how degrading the precision.

Her shame awakened a warrior.

Plucked from the rubble to fight,

She has been recruited to face her iniquities.

Rising up, she wrestles on behalf of those she once pitied.

Not knowing it was the monsters who hid behind her mirror laughing,

she was a fool.

A fighter who lost her footing.

A clean sweep, taken down by her own fractured reflection.

There is no shame in the truth.

With heavy pain and immense strength,  she pulls herself back up.

This affliction is grueling…. go easy on her.

There is no shame in the truth.

Reflections do not lie,

But ghosts? They do.

They do not readily give.

Instead they rob and steal.

She is fighting for her life.

So be kind to her,

After all, she is all you’ve got.

There is no shame in the truth.

In the end of her years,

Her gloves will come off.

She didn’t retreat this time,

By her strength they backed off.

The reflection she sees looking back at her now…

She is different somehow.

There are no signs of bruising , no blood, no tears.

Only scar tissue remains,

She balks at her fears.

With every knock out, every sprain,

she trained hard to stand again,

In even the heaviest of rain.

Her body, once a wasteland,

Now a fine tuned machine.

Her eyes, brave and newly bright.

They sparkle.

A redeemed green that glows in the presence of new light.

As for those she once pitied,

They visit in her dreams.

The only space she will allow them.

A simple reminder,

A subtle scare,

She can handle it now,

But they wouldn’t dare…

That familiar and wicked laugh.

Those mirrors they taunt her with,

She now breaks in half.

She rose with the sun today,

On the other side of the room.

She breathed in life…

Not one stain of gloom.

In that radiant resolve she knew,

She was not shattered, she was not undone.

There is no shame in the truth.


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