Let Her Go

Twisted world

Let her be

Too see her smile

Make me bleed

Fly far away

but take his hand

If there are tears

Turn to sand

Perceptive views

Hers are a must

Don’t shadow her life

You turn it to dust

Ruining she’s not

Living with pain

Look in the mirror

Does not see the gain

You started this fire

Now you watch it burn

Take two hands

And never return

Don’t cry on my shoulder

Don’t feed me your lines

Don’t tell me you’re hurting

Can’t silence my mind

My truth it lies

And the tears that don’t show

To let her be

To let her go

The day I will fall

The tears from my eyes

To silence the whisper

The day I will die.


One thought on “Let Her Go

  1. I read your ‘About Me’ but it wouldn’t let me post this so, I’ll write it here. You sound like a very strong person. I’ve written a quote, ‘we should all be so lucky to fall in love with someone who’s seen the dark, for those people will be able to shine light when we need it the most.’ You sound like someone who’s seen the dark and is using it to turn your life around and making something positive from it. Very inspiring!


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