I cannot move.

Self destruction is so intriguing.

Staring at a blank page,

Head, heart and soul full of rage.

This cage, oh this cage.

Don’t take it personal,

This cage is self imposed.

Of course, I can get out,

Whenever I want, I suppose.

Sometimes I want to blame you all for putting me here,

Idling in pain, year after year.

Fear of the unknown,

Which direction I’ll be blown.

Not knowing where I am from,

places a veil over the sum,

the sum of all my parts.

Who, what, when, where and why?

All confuse the heart.

What inner chambers do I need to take apart?

To understand where I came from,

Is to know where I stand.

To have the strength to move forward,

Is to take a stand.

I want to soar to the moon,

What’s holding me back?

My battle scars.

Those are not self inflicted,

But the imprisonment remains.

Vindictive she is,

These four walls I live.

To break out of this prison,

What I wouldn’t give.


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