I’m thinking about the one thing I shouldn’t.

Pleasure, a hurt heart, a torn soul.

A shamed body taken its toll.

Why you?

I’m glad it was, playful insults and all.

A facade it was, the real you I don’t know.

You never did those things you implied in your texts.

Never asked me to play who I was in your head.

What made me seek you out in the first place?

Why do my body and mind want you at my place?

I have another at my disposal, the one I am supposed to love.

But the thrill of you is so far above.

You selfish jerk.  I’m just an object.

It’s not your fault, you knew it was just a fix.

You fed on me when I was weak.

You never failed to call me every week.

“Where’s your man, babe?”

“Oh,  He’s gone still.”

“Then I’ll see you in an hour.”

I’m your favorite pill, you know you can’t resist me, you’ve let me know.

Come on, give in,  so I can just go.

I’ve got a game tomorrow.

Go easy on me babe.

Alright then, just lay there and say… one more, another, another?

Damn, you’re the best.

Don’t want this to be over.

Eventually I won’t think about you anymore.

Every morning I wake up with you in my head.

Like a TV stuck on a channel went dead.

Where’s the breaker, oh damn it’s broke.

I want you still like you’re my next toke.

It’ll fade, I know it will.

Like Alanis said, Jagged Little Pill.

You’re an easy one to swallow, but so hard to digest.

Make this go away, this ache in my chest.

I know it ain’t love, because I love another.

You’re just an addiction to add to my list, yes another.

This one’s got to go too, just like the rest.

Why is this pleasure so easy to discover?

Taken up residence, nearly impossible to resist.

It’s got to be kicked!

Kicked to the curb, just like I’ve been.

You won’t hesitate to forget about me,

but you’ll be back for more, you say.

I hope I don’t give in.

I know the right way,

but what I want is to feel you again.


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