My Addiction

The devil’s inside me,

We’re taking one more ride.

Who’s in control?

He or I?

The light’s starting to dim.

Don’t feel sorry for me,

The destruction feels good.

It’s where I need to be.

You’re supposed to make me hate you.

Not feel good.

Dirty little liar,

I knew you would…

Keep beating me up,

You leave the worst bruises…

Only we can see

the marks from the nooses.

Medicate me,

then laugh while I squirm.

Mind over matter,

It’s almost my turn.

You tread on my pride,

You tear at my soul.

If I could  pry you off of me,

I could be in control.

Another medicated day,

and my faith decays.

Solace slips away

So much I’ve betrayed.

Just give me the drug.

so the pain falls away,

Another 24 hours to hold,

to embrace so it stays.

This grip I hold so tight,

on this false security.

Nothing the world  can see,

But the only thing worth keeping to me.


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